Centered in Jesus Christ

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Centered in Jesus Christ

Those who follow Jesus as Disciples are gifted with stories and teachings which ground us in God’s purposes. These stories and teachings require interpretation and application – but for a Christian there is no more central place to start than with the “Word made flesh.”

As we consider the ways in which we can grow in our understanding of God and our faith; when we invest time and energy into building relationships within the church and towards the community; and, when we live out our faith in practical, hands-on ways by serving others with love: we must connect each of those expressions and efforts to our devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

How does our growing relationship with God use Jesus’ as a role model for devotion, reliance on God’s leading, prayerful obedience and a life dominated by love? How can our participation with others within the Body of Christ reflect the great joy and integrity, humility and servant-hood Jesus offered those he encountered in his ministry? Jesus didn’t turn inward creating a community which was self-absorbed, but rather looked outward toward service, calling people into relationship with God – built on compassion and inclusion, not obligation. Is our “serving others with love” shaped by that Jesus’ Spirit?

Is Jesus Christ at the center of our engagement with God? Our relationship with one another? Our service to the community and world? Does our worship focus on celebrating, illuminating and reflecting on God’s self-revelation in Jesus of Nazareth?

Our goal, our hope, Asbury’s Core Values, live out of the determination to say, “Yes!” to those questions.

May God be our Guide and Helper.