Grow In Faith

Grow in Faith

Grow in Faith

We live with this deep yearning to for meaning, purpose, and joy in our lives. We have this hole inside of us that cannot be filled with things, money, status, or accomplishments. Do you know that feeling – that that yearning for Something More?

We at Asbury United Methodist Church look to our faith, our awareness of God, as a way to find wholeness and well being in life.

For Asbury United Methodist Church, growing in faith is not so much about memorizing doctrines or creeds or church rules. Growing in faith is an on-going journey. It’s about asking questions, reading Scripture, asking more questions. Growing in faith is about sharing our questions and experiences with others, and listening to others as well. Growing in faith is about doing the hard work of asking: What do I believe about God? Christ Jesus? Why am I here? Why does suffering and evil happen?

Our primary ways to grow in faith are in study groups, worship, and serving others with love.