Serve Others with Love

Serve Others with Love

Serve Others with Love

As followers of Jesus Christ, we take seriously the instructions he gave us: the most important thing to do in life is to love God, and love others. (Mark 12: 28-31) In fact, we think these two things (loving God and loving others) are closely related. We cannot really do one, without doing the other.

Come join us as we serve others with love by volunteering at:

  • Open Heart Kitchen that provides thousands of hot meals to the Tri-Valley’s hungry every week
  • Working in our community garden, Fertile Groundworks, that supplies organic food to the homeless and hungry
  • Livermore Homeless Refuge, that provides shelter for the homeless during inclement weather and a hot shower all year long
  • Giving blood through the American Red Cross, that provides life-giving blood to the sick and injured
  • Working on Habitat for Humanity projects, providing modern, low-income housing for those who put sweat equity into their own home

In addition, participants at Asbury create a variety of ways to help others in our local community. Come see and participate!

Each year, we send out three different types of mission trips:

  1. Haiti where we are establishing hot lunch programs and computer programs in schools
  2. Places in the United States devastated by storms
  3. Local trips in the northern California where we can serve alongside others in need.

There is no greater joy than giving to others.