Asbury’s 2016 Finance Summary

The Finance Committee would like to offer this summary of the past year’s spending, hoping that it will give people an overview of how Asbury has used the money it received in 2016.

First some explanation is in order.  We distinguish between money that a donor gives to Asbury for a specified purpose, and money that is given “with no strings attached”.  The former is called restricted funds and can only be used for the purpose that the donor has designated.  Examples include the various special offerings, UMCOR and the New Building Fund.  Funds that Asbury receive which do not have a specific purpose (for example; loose plate offering, most pledged income and corporate matching funds) is termed General Funds and goes to pay the various line items in our general budget.

With this distinction, we turn first to the General Funds accounts, which received $613,481 in 2016.  This money was applied in the following general areas;

UM church Support $67,500
Mission $15,000
Asbury Programs support $34,634
Administration/office $39,343
Utilities/maintenance $114,881
Salaries $307,725
Unspent surplus $34,399

In the above, the money we budgeted for UM church support is more typically called apportionments, and is sent to the greater Methodist church to pay for Asbury’s share of the district and conference expenses, as well as some of the mission work of the larger church.

The largest portion of the Administration/office expense is the cost of the copier lease ($12,729), but this area also includes IT support, office supplies and the occasional computer upgrades for staff.  This year we also put aside $10,000 towards the purchase of a new copier.  We currently pay $7,653 per year to lease the office copier.  By purchasing our own copier, we hope to save ~$1000/year, depending on how often we upgrade to a new model.

The Utilities/maintenance area is a large expense, but includes such big items as utilities ($36,799), insurance ($18,643), and janitorial and pest control services ($20,089).  This year, it also included some of the cost of the new Fellowship Hall chairs, as well as a repair on the pump for our well.

Finally, although the unspent money is less than 6% of the total funds received, it was unusually high in 2015.  This resulted primarily through savings in salaries.  We have moved from having 2.5 full time pastors/youth minister 4 years ago, to 1.75 full time positions in 2016.  This will change in 2017 as Pastor Kim moves to full time starting July 1.

As mentioned above, in addition to the General Funds contributions, Asbury also received money during the year for specific projects.  Referred to as the Restricted Funds, we currently have over 60 individual accounts containing donations given for programs such as VIM, UMCOR, backpack project, the shower ministry, and many more.   These accounts also include the Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special offerings throughout the year.

Looking at just the mission related Restricted Funds, the donations received in 2016 can be summarized as;

Pastor’s special fund $19,420
Partners for Change $26,205
Backpack project $6,025
Youth mission fund $3,191
Shower ministry $7,178
Guatemala wheelchair mission $33,871
Haiti mission $6,921
UMCOR $3,605
Garden of Grace $2,300
Open Heart Kitchen $2,168
Livermore Homeless Refuge $2,500
Tri-Valley Haven $9,684
Other mission $57,973
Total mission $181,041

These numbers are somewhat inflated because Asbury receives money from non-members to support such projects as Open Heart Kitchen, the laundry and shower ministries, the Homeless Refuge and Circles.  We do not distinguish between gifts from members and non-members.  Still, the total amount raised for missions at Asbury is impressive!

Another Restricted Fund that received significant donations in 2016 is the New Building Fund.  It received $40,418 over this past year.

We hope this review is helpful.  If anyone has questions or would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact Dave Braun (Finance chair), Dick Crawford (Treasurer) or Roger Everett (Bookkeeper).  A copy of the more detailed finance report is always available on request.

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