Fertile GroundWorks Update

Fertile GroundWorksIt’s hard to believe that the eighth anniversary of the creation of the Garden of Grace is just three months away. The sixth anniversary of the formation of the Fertile GroundWorks non-profit business was actually this month. The partnership of Asbury United Methodist Church with Fertile GroundWorks has blessed and continues to bless the lives of many people.

Support from Fertile GroundWorks management/leadership, experienced volunteers, and its Board of Directors are strong and recognition of the organization in the community is higher than it has ever been.

In that context it is exciting to let it be known that Brenda Kusler, who has served on the Board of Directors since 2012 and who has been running the administrative affairs of the organization for over two years, has been approved by the Board to be the new Acting Executive Director and Garden Director.

Bruce Campbell, who helped found the Garden of Grace and Fertile GroundWorks stepped down April 30, 2018.

Transfer of responsibilities for the management and operation of Fertile GroundWorks and the Garden of Grace to Brenda have been under way for a few months and she has proven herself capable of moving things to the next step and beyond.

Moving from third person to first person, I would like to thank you, for the opportunity to help found and develop the Garden of Grace and its Mission. I am also very grateful that Asbury had the faith and continues their support to allow our mission to expand to the greater community through Fertile GroundWorks.

I am heartened and enthused about the strength of the organization and its prospects for the future. I am certain that this transition is what is needed at this time for both Fertile GroundWorks / Garden of Grace and me.


Bruce Campbell

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