Livermore Community Blood Drive

Red Cross Blood Donor
Asbury has been hosting the Livermore community blood drive with the American Red Cross since December 2002. Thomas Petty has been the sponsor of the blood drive since the beginning, and in December 2012, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary. They’ve held a blood drive every other month since then, and hosted their sixty-first drive on December 14, 2012. At that time, they had collected 3082 units of blood. In April 2016, they held their one hundredth blood drive and collected the 5000th unit of blood.

In 2013, the American Red Cross asked if the drive could become a monthly drive, rather than every other month. Starting in March, they started having a monthly drive so it’s more convenience for people who might miss a drive because of travel or being sick. Now donors can just come to the next drive on the following month, rather than waiting two months.

Each unit of blood is typically separated into three components: red blood cells, plasma (the liquid part) and platelets. Each component can go to a separate person, so each unit of blood (about a pint) can help up to three individuals depending on their needs. Each day, the Bay Area’s hospitals need over 450 units of blood – seven days a week. In the Bay Area, only about 3% of the eligible people actually donate blood.

To donate blood, go to and use the Sponsor Code of ASBURY925. Donors must be in general good health, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be at least 17 years old. 16 year old people can donate blood with parental consent. There may be other eligibility requirements, and a full health history will be taken at the beginning of each donation.

For more information, please contact the American Red Cross at 800-GIVELIFE