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My long-time friend, Charles, was in the jury pool for a capital murder trial. The defense and prosecution asked each person still in the pool one final question:  What is your opinion of gun control?

Charles realized he had never really thought through his own opinion. In fact, he’d avoided taking sides. People he loved, held firm convictions on both sides of the issue. He himself had grown up in Tennessee, and had served in the military.  Charles was still pondering all he had ever heard, read, and experienced regarding guns, when his name was called. What was his opinion of gun control? He struggled a bit for the words. The judge gently intervened: “You have to answer the question.”  Charles sighed, and said he needed a moment just to be quiet. And after a moment, Charles spoke from his heart, and articulated his own stand on a complex and controversial subject.

I saw Charles later that evening, and he told me about this experience.  I couldn’t help but notice that Charles was exhausted after the long day at court….and elated.  It was hard work to put into words what he felt in his heart. And it felt so wonderful, even liberating, to do so.  Living with integrity does that to us.

Listening to Charles, I realized that living a true life of faith means knowing what we truly believe….not just about current issues but also about eternal issues.   Seems to me, that’s our ongoing assignment as people of faith. To life with integrity, we have to know what we believe, and we have to live what we believe. There is great joy in that way of living.

So, continuing into February, in worship on Feb 2 and 9, we’ll be exploring what we truly believe about Jesus.  We’ll ask questions like: why does Jesus matter? What do we believe about what Jesus lived and taught? What about people who don’t follow Jesus, are they doomed?  Does everyone have to follow Jesus in order to find joy, purpose, and meaning? Are God and Jesus the same?

Like my friend Charles, we will pause in order to Listen Deeply as we explore these questions. And may we also find the joy that comes from discovering new ways to live and love, as followers of Jesus.

See you in worship!


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