Movie Recommendation from our Anti-Racism Ministry

The Antiracism Ministry group has a movie to recommend to you. We watched it and found much to discuss and think about. It’s called “Son of the South,” and it tells the true story of Bob Zellner, the son of a Methodist minister in Alabama and the grandson of a Ku Klux Klansman. The movie is set in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement. It follows Bob’s journey as he moves from watching on the sidelines to acting on the front lines of justice. How and why did he become involved? Who supported him, and who did not? What causes people to change their minds? We can ask ourselves these same questions: What has changed your mind about something important? What spurred you to move from the sidelines to the front lines? Who supported you? Who have you supported? If these ideas intrigue you, watch “Son of the South,” available for free on Amazon Prime and for $5 on You Tube. If you’re interested in a movie “extra,” watch the recent webinar (called More Than Allies) with Bob Zellner. [Note to parents: The website Common Sense Media suggests this movie is appropriate for people aged 14 and older. To decide for yourself and your children, see the website for more details and some excellent parent-child discussion questions.]
Here are the links you’ll need:

Recorded Webinar with freedom fighter Bob Zellner.

Movie Trailer on Bob Zellner’s life “Son of the South.

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