Asbury Celebrates Haiti Mission Efforts

“God has called me to this mission.” When the earthquake in Haiti happened in January 2010, James Larazze was suppose to be in his college class in Port au Prince.  However, several reasons, he did not go that day.  As it turned out, his school was destroyed and his classmates died.  Yet James was spared by not being there.  With that, James felt he was being called to serve the people of Haiti.  He subsequently met one of our mission teams, quit his banking job and dedicated himself to serving the people of the area around Thomas, Haiti as the onsite leader of the Thomas Food Project.

James  recently participated in worship at Asbury.  James is in the United States for a month visiting many of the churches in the Cal-Nevada Conference that support the mission.  He will also be speaking at a United Methodist sponsored conference in Nashville about the ongoing work. His perspective on the importance of our work in Haiti is a powerful story of helping improve the quality of life and providing opportunity for the kids of his country.

A mission that Asbury has supported for nearly four years, the program now includes five schools where clean water systems, solar power and computers have been installed.  A sixth school will be added in November.  Two of these schools have a school lunch program.  There is ongoing teacher training, community education classes and now, solar powered lighting.

We so appreciate the support of Asbury for this effort!


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