Chelsea’s Contemplation

A Year of Living Compassionately

What guiding principles do you use to determine how you live your life every day? How do those principles lead you when someone is tailgating you on the highway, when you see a friend struggling, or even when you make choices about how to use water in this drought? As Christians we affirm God’s teaching of love, mercy, and justice as our guiding principles. But how hard is that to remember when we are frustrated with the car behind us that keeps tailgating us? How hard is that to remember when we are caught up in the day to day actions of our lives? I find community to be such a blessing when I am struggling to allow my actions to be guided by God’s call to love, mercy, and justice. Whether it is the person in the car with you that reminds you to offer grace to a tailgater, or brothers and sisters in Christ that offer us through their actions inspiration for how we can live, community helps us to use God’s guiding principles more and more in our daily lives. Starting in September this Asbury community will enter into a year of intentional reflection on what it means to live compassionately. We are calling this time “A Year of Living Compassionately.” What does it mean to live with compassion? We see images of Jesus living compassionately in Scripture and we see images of our brothers and sisters living compassionately in our community. One image of compassionate living that comes to mind for me is Teri Lambert washing and bandaging the open wounds on one of our homeless friend’s feet. Our friend comes in once or twice a week, and every time that he does Teri graciously and lovingly tends to his wounds. Watching Teri reminds me of Jesus compassionately washing the disciples’ feet. Their examples move and inspire me to be more intentional about living each day of my life compassionately. What images in Scripture and in our community capture living compassionately and how do they inspire you to live everyday with compassion?

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