Coffee and Bagel Servers needed for Fellowship Time

The experience of after worship fellowship time is improved by the serving of bagels and coffee, tea, etc. Many of those who had served in these positions prior to the pandemic are not ready to come to worship yet. So we need help! Please consider helping out with one or both of these efforts. More information below. If you are not comfortable worshiping in the sanctuary yet, but are comfortable with the fellowship time, you are welcome to bring your portable wifi device and worship from the courtyard or watch the Fellowship Hall television from the porch.
Coffee Servers: Make pots of coffee before the end of service. Coffee/hot water is stored in the carafes so coffee can be made before church service starts. During warm weather we make After fellowship time, all coffee mugs and water glasses need to be washed. You be also asked to put tablecloths on the patio tables and open up the umbrellas and then close them when coffee fellowship is over. During the first time, you will be matched with an experienced coffee server to work along side of you and answer any questions. Find a friend and volunteer together. If interested in joining the coffee fellowship servers contact Marcia Cayton. Marcia will work with the first time so you know the drill.
Bagel Servers: Slice bagels that Anna Lim drops off on Sunday morning, which she picked up from Noah’s Bagels. Put sliced bagels on a tray before church service is done.  Get out cream cheese from the coffee counter refrigerator along with knives to spread cream cheese. Put out tip jar. After coffee fellowship, give away or throw away (in green organics bin) the left over bagels. Recycle empty cream cheese containers. Put away left over cream cheese in refrigerator. Make sure cutting boards, knives & trays are washed and put away. If you are the last one out of the Fellowship Hall, make sure doors are closed and locked and lights are off. Please contact Jean Braun if you can assist. Jean will work with you the first time so you can learn the drill.

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