Embracing the New Multicultural Reality January 26

In 2013 I had the opportunity to take a workshop focused on how do we sift through the tangled web of cultural and racial differences, differences of life-experience and personal story, and systemic racism to love one another well across cultures and races. As you can imagine, it was no necessarily an easy workshop. We all have our own stories and our own perspectives. But it helped me tremendously in learning how to be a presence of love in the world with all people, not just people I feel comfortable with or people who have similar backgrounds to me. It helped me to learn some of the ways that unintentionally I was perhaps not being as helpful or as loving as I could be. I am so grateful for that workshop, because I know it helped me to grow as a person and as a follower of Christ.

Racial and cultural experiences and differences are sometimes an uncomfortable topic for us to talk about, we worry that we will feel guilty, that we will say something wrong, or that we will be judged.  But given our multicultural community not just in the USA but in Livermore, it is always an important topic for us to delve into without shame or guilt but with open curiosity. There are always ways we can grow and learn from one another. Pastor Kathy and I are thrilled that the two presenters of that workshop I went to in 2013, Pastors Sun Hee Kim and Dale Weatherspoon will offer a workshop at Asbury on embracing the new multicultural reality. We encourage everyone to attend, take the risk with us as we all seek to learn something new. The workshop will take place on January 26 from 9:30am-12pm. We hope you will join us.

-Pastor Chelsea

From the presenters Pastors Sun Hee Kim and Dale Weatherspoon:

“In light of rapidly changing communities along with the recent heightened talks surrounding issues of race, it is important for the church to actively and pro-actively create environments and communities where fruitful and safe conversations can take place. As followers of Christ, we need to empower and equip ourselves to be change makers and to be an intentional and active presence in society.

The workshop goals are:

-Offer a safe and respectful space to engage in conversation that leads to listening deeply and sharing freely.

-Provide tools and exercises that help participants become ‘systematically aware’ and to understand why it is important to be more mindful.

-Provide a conversation starter that assist in moving the conversation forward at the community level

-Build a common understanding and language, brainstorm strategy, and build bridges to working together despite the challenging issues of systemic racism

-Lay ground for a follow-up worship on bridging cultural difference.”


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