Important Tips for Sunday, November 7

Fall Back (Time wise)
It’s Day light Savings Time! This is the good one where we gain an extra hour for conversation, praying, sleeping, or attending a good party! A reminder to turn clocks back an hour on Saturday night or you may wonder where is everyone on Sunday!

For Those Attending Worship in Person
A Part of our COVID Safety Protocol is to have the the sliding glass windows in the sanctuary open and the vents in the cupola open to promote airflow. The sanctuary starts out warm but may get colder as the service progresses. Please feel free to bring warm coats, blankets, snuggies, warm hats, gloves, etc. Some find it quite nice, others get cold so plan according to your needs. This Protocol will be in place for the forseeable future.

One of the ways we will continue to love our neighbors during these next few months particularly those neighbors under 12 who are just beginning the vaccine process, those neighbors under 5 who can’t be vaccinated yet, and those neighbors going through medical procedures whose immune system is weakened is to wear our masks whenever we are indoors except for the act of eating and drinking. Wearing masks indoors is truly a way to love our neighbors in the time of COVID.

For Those Attending Worship On-line
This Sunday is our All Saint’s Day Celebration. In addition to your regular worship candle, you may wish to have an additional candle(s) to light during our service in remembrance of the Saints in your life. It is also communion Sunday, so please be sure to have your bread and beverage of choice ready for communion.

For Those Attending Fellowship Time in Person
As the colder weather arrives, Fellowship Time will be moved inside. We ask that you follow our protocol:

·     Wear Masks when entering the Fellowship Hall

·     Masks are only to be removed for eating or drinking and then placed back on

Other things to know:

·     The doors at the East End of the Fellowship Hall will be full opened

·     The air purifiers will be on (There are 6 of them)

·     Our HVAC system exhaust fan will be on

You are always welcome to grab your beverage and bagel and hang out in the courtyard as well.

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