Pastor’s Ponderings

The first rain of the season has come and gone. And here’s what I noticed: the rain soaked the earth but it took a few days before new shoots of green grass appeared along the paths where I walk. The rain has power to renew the earth, but we couldn’t see that right away. Only days later did the new grass appear, proof that it had rained.

I think there’s a sermon in there somewhere! The rain might be like our prayers. We pour out our prayers, and there are times when those prayers do not immediately take root and grow. Part of faithful praying, is faithful trusting. In prayer we turn to God, and rest in the awareness of God. When we do so, we have done our work. Then we trust in the slow work of God. And we keep praying, allowing our prayers to guide us into action.

Our nation needs our persistent prayers and actions so that we stop the mass shootings. Asbury United Methodist Church is part of a circuit of Methodist churches including Lynnewood in Pleasanton, Grace in San Ramon and San Ramon Valley in Alamo. The clergy in our churches all are searching for a faith-filled way to respond to mass shootings. We are asking: how to promote gun safety?

We invite you to participate in a month-long prayer vigil this Advent season. From December 3-24 all of our churches will be praying together. Sign up for a prayer time at, find the date and time you would like to sign-up for, click the green arrow “signup” and enter your name, email and phone number. This information will only be used to send out an email reminder the day before your scheduled slot, it will not be shared with anyone.

How you spend that hour of prayer is up to you. You can pause and turn to God, and return to the what you are doing. You can sit and read Scripture or sing hymns. Whatever you do, please consider sharing your experience and any insights on our Facebook page, Tri Valley Circuits of the United Methodist Church. After a month of prayer, we will gather and decide how the Spirit is leading us, together, to live peacefully in a violent world.

Journeying with you towards Jerusalem to welcome the Christ among us,

Pastor Kim

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