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There is always one week in July that is filled with laughter, songs, and games. Without fail, Vacation Bible School brings fresh energy and joy to our church campus for one week each summer.

This year, some of our talented volunteers took it upon themselves to custom write a VBS curriculum that was tailor-made for Asbury and our campus! While children learned about growing in faith with God on Fluffy the snail’s farm, they were also able to see and bring offerings for our own Fertile Groundworks farm. In songs and skits and stories the kids learned more about God and nurtured their souls.

It was a wonderful week, and it got me thinking. Why is it that we encourage and support our community’s kids to take one week a year devoted to growing in faith and going deeper with God, but so few of us dedicate one week out of our year to the same thing for ourselves? What would it look like if we had a weeklong Vacation Bible Resort each summer where all of us grown-ups could nurture our souls?

That is may be not the most practical idea, but the truth remains that learning about God and growing in faith are not only important for kids, they are vital parts of our lives no matter how old we are!

Paul writes in his letter to the Church in Rome, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds!” Growing with and learning more about God are means of transformation for all of us! And the good news is that there are many different ways you can be transformed by the renewing of your minds at Asbury.

One transformative opportunity to grow in faith is to join a small group. There are several small groups at Asbury that meet regularly and provide a space for souls to be nourished and minds to be renewed and challenged. If you are interested in joining or leading a small group, please email Chelsea or contact the church office!

Small groups are but one way that we can grow in faith, and there are so many others like Scripture reading, meditation, or prayer. Whatever works for you, take the time to find a way to grow in faith that feeds your spirit and is a vacation for your soul. It is those little daily habits of growing in faith that with God’s grace transform our lives!

-Pastor Chelsea

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