Pastor’s Ponderings

What does resurrection look like in 2016? That was a question we pondered at a recent staff meeting. What first comes to mind for me are the blossoms that are beginning to appear on trees around Livermore, boldly proclaiming with their beautiful and delicate petals that winter is drawing to a close and spring is coming. I think of a loved one sitting in an Easter Sunday service so many years ago, just three days after she and her spouse decided divorce was the right choice for them. I think of the tears that rolled down her face as she acknowledged the death of her marriage, of the life she had known and held onto the hope of resurrection, of new life budding out of death.

The truth is that we do not have the eyes to see resurrection if we are not willing to acknowledge death. We long to skip past Friday and Saturday into Easter Sunday, to ignore the stories of the cross and the lifeless body placed in the tomb.   But the sight of Easter’s empty tomb is meaningless to us if we do not acknowledge that it was once full. That is the work of Lent, to acknowledge what parts of ourselves, our lives, and our word are like dry bones crying out for new life. What does resurrection look like to you? Where do you notice the yearning for new life? These are questions for us to ponder as we make our Lenten journey to the cross and the empty tomb.

-Pastor Chelsea

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