Raise an Amen!

Asbury Family, would you please consider saying “amen” or being silent instead of applauding choirs or soloists in worship?

Often, as a song is ending, there is a beautiful moment that happens – the final chord rests, a prayerful connection made. Would you not applaud? Would you savor the moment? Would you let that song be a prayer, on your behalf, to God?

Telling musicians, or anyone leading worship, of your appreciation can still happen – after worship. Choir directors, even for the youngest choirs, have talked to their singers about their contribution to worship. It’s not a concert. Raising an Amen, which means “so be it”, puts your agreement on the prayer that was just offered. As one of the children in my Chorister’s Guild magazine put it, “Don’t stomp on the magic”. Savor the moments.

Thank you. – Jean Braun

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