Sermon Series for January: Bread, Bath and Beyond!

The new year brings opportunity to move beyond our limitations, to find new beginnings and to be better than we were before. In our sermon series, Bread, Bath and Beyond, we remember that the most basic transforming experiences of our faith are Communion (bread) and Baptism (bath). These sacraments are the starting points for live “beyond” our limitations. Let’s make this year one of transformation, for our lives, for our community, for our world!

Jan 4: Bread: Celebrate Epiphany and Communion
Jan 11: Bath: Christian baptism is rife with meaning. Paul invites early believers (Acts 19: 1-7) to go beyond the teaching of baptism into fullness of living in the Spirit of Christ available to them. On this day, we remember our baptism and affirm the Spirit that lives and moves and breathes through us —offering power and strength beyond what we think we have.
Contact Pastor Kim ([email protected]) if you would like to be baptized or renew your baptismal vows.

Jan 18: Beyond Belief. As this season progresses, we will see people discovering this remarkable man named Jesus of Nazareth. The people had been waiting so long for a Messiah, it was hard to believe that the Savior had come out of a little town like Nazareth, much less the son of a common carpenter. How can we go beyond our own beliefs and assumptions about where God shows up? Can we move beyond these to open our eyes to the holy in expected places and people? (John 1: 43-51)

Jan 25 Beyond the Horizon. The Scripture today (Mark 1:14-20) tell of the calling of fisherman on the shores of the Sea of Galilee to leave their work and follow Jesus. He is calling them to work they probably never in a million years imagined themselves doing. For years they had sailed the sea, perhaps never thinking what was beyond the horizons, beyond the distant shores. Where is Jesus calling us that just might be beyond the horizons we now see for ourselves?
Today we bless and commission all the people serving in leadership positions at Asbury, including chairs of our committees and ministries.

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