Sunday Morning 10am Worship

Our Sunday morning worship now begins at 10am, with Sunday School for children and youth at the same hour. While it is still too early to thoroughly evaluate this time change, we want to hear how it is working for you. Please, send any and all feedback to the church office: [email protected] Or, leave a phone message at 925-447-1950, ext. 100. All feedback will be forwarded to the pastors and to the church leadership.

How was the decision to change the worship time made? The initial idea came from your feedback while we were working on our Five Year Strategic Plan. On Survey Monkey, and in the small group gatherings, enough people asked us to consider a time change. The Leadership Team that implements our 5 Year Plan then began to discuss this in the fall of 2016. We all had different opinions and hopes around this question. So we tabled the topic for a bit, and agreed to pray about it. When we next discussed the topic, we all agreed: let’s begin worship at 10am. The decision was made thoughtfully, prayerfully, after several in congregation asked us to consider the time change.

The hardest part is knowing that this decision did not please everyone. Your presence and participation at Asbury is valued and cherished. If the change in time prevents you from coming to worship, we want to hear from you.

Our initial goal was to respond to the request from those in our community that requested we consider a later start time. As the leadership team thought about it, we also wanted to do all we could to welcome folks who have yet to visit Asbury. On a regular basis, staff members answer questions from folks who want to visit, and yet when they found out our worship time was at 9am, they let us know that was too early for them.

The good news is that our records (from pew registration forms) show more folks are visiting now that worship is at 10am. By one early measure, the time change is working for some. How is it working for you? Let us know.

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