Task force forming to look at potential new office space   

In the recent 5-year planning exercise, the number one comment heard from Asbury members was that we needed new office space.  As a first step toward this goal, we looked back over the past year to see how all of our building space was being used.  The survey showed that there are a number of rooms on site that are used infrequently, and some even rarely used.  As a result, the question arose whether it was feasible to place new office space somewhere in our existing buildings through a remodel.  Construction of a new building would cost upwards of $700k, while the cost of a remodel might be in the $200k range, for a substantial savings. 
At its last meeting the Church Council voted to establish a task force to evaluate the possibility of fitting new, remodeled office space into our existing buildings.  It is important to state that no proposal currently exists.  The work of the task force will be to; 
1)  Evaluate each building on site to see if it could be remodeled for new office space.  Then, 
2)  For each building’s option, evaluate the impact on other church programs as pros and cons.  Finally, 
3)  Report on the 2-3 best options.  The congregation would hopefully then get to choose between a remodeling option and the construction of a new building.  Clearly that choice will come down to a balance of the remodel’s negative aspects versus the cost savings. 
If you are interested in joining this task force, please contact either Pastor Kim or Dave Braun.  

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