Time for Pentecost Art

Dear Asbury Friends,

As we approach Pentecost (May 23), it’s time for the next group art project! Pentecost is when the church was given the gift of the Holy Spirit, who guided the followers of the Way of Jesus into the world to share the good news of the gospel. It is also known as the birthday of the church. This time we are asking you to decorate flames to represent the Holy Spirit. Please drop off artwork to the church office by Monday, May 17, 2021.

Flames: Flame pattern can be found at the following here. Feel free to decorate as many flames as you would like with fire colors—yellow, red, orange, pink. You may use colored paper, fabric, magazines, tempera paint, water colors, crayons, felt pens, etc.. You are encouraged to write prayers on the flames—one word prayers are fine as well as longer ones (please refrain from political statements). If you make lots of flames and only want to write prayers on a few that is fine. Please use cardstock or heavy construction paper to print the pattern. If you want to create your own flame pattern, feel free—please make it no taller than 11 inches and no wider than 8.5 inches (and use heavy paper). Cardstock and printed flames will be available from the art box outside the church. You can decorate one or both sides. And if the office is open when you come by, you may also get additional supplies from inside (please wear a mask if you come inside).

Thanks in advance for what we know will be wonderful art.

Have fun!

From the Worship Arts Task Force

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