Welcome to Pastor Chelsea Constant

Pastor Chelsea Constant and Nick Constant

Chelsea and Nick Constant

With joy and gratitude, we celebrate the appointment of Pastor Chelsea Constant to Asbury, as our full time Pastor of Christian Discipleship. Chelsea and her husband Nick will join us on July 1.

Chelsea will be responsible for leading youth and young adult programs, as well as preaching and pastoral care.

Here, in Chelsea’s own words is a more thorough introduction:

“I am a native of the Bay Area, raised in Cupertino. While in high school, two life changing events took place.

First, while on a youth group trip to Australia, I felt called by God to ordained ministry. Although this was far from the life I had imagined for myself, I was overcome with awe at the love and graciousness of God, and agreed to follow God’s call to ministry.

The second life changing event was meeting my future husband Nick, in a high school business class.

After graduating high school, I went off to college at Tulane University in New Orleans. I felt a strong call while there to serve the homeless and low income populations that were particularly hurt by Hurricane Katrina. My time in that city which is so formed by deep sorrow and deep joy was soul deepening. I graduated in 2011 with a BA in Religious Studies, French, and International Development.

After graduation I packed my car and moved off to Durham North Carolina, to start my next adventure at Duke Divinity School. I have loved and have been deeply formed by my time at seminary. Especially meaningful to me have been the internship opportunities. In particular, working as a chaplain at a hospital was immensely formative, beautiful and challenging. In this position, I led spirituality groups for out patients with Substance Abuse Disorder and with Schizophrenia and provided pastoral care on the psychiatric ward, medical care unit, and Hospice. This experience put skin and muscle to the skeleton of theology I formed at Duke.

I believe in a God that is ever and truly present in every moment of our lives, even our suffering and death. I believe that God is Emmanuel, God with us, and that this divine presence is wonderful, terrifying, wild, and perhaps more than anything else, filled with Grace. I believe in a God that deeply loves all parts of God’s creation, even those parts that seem unloveable and worthless. I believe that love is a fundamental part of the human identity, that we are all beloved children of God regardless of mental illness, age, addiction, race, gender, sexuality, class, or whatever else we humans often use to separate ourselves and others from divine love. I believe that love is a fundamental part of our Christian identity, and so we are called to view and interact with others with eyes full of this radical and transformative divine love.

Nick, our dog Lily, and I are excited to move to Livermore and to embark on this journey of ministry with this faith community. Alongside ministry I am passionate about baking cupcakes, reading, and playing with my dog. As we begin this journey together, I can’t help but think of John Wesley’s words: “And best of all God is with us.” These words are engraved on my heart. They speak to my passion and excitement for ministry, for living with and serving God’s people. Best of all, God is with us. Best of all is remembering and living I response to this divine presence. Best of all is falling in love, and fighting with, and falling in love again with this our ever present God. Best of all is living in a way that testifies to God’s presence with us and with the world. I cannot wait to live in this ‘best of all’ with you, to live, to share, to wonder, and to grow into this mystery where God has given Godself to us.”

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