Worship in April: The Heart of the Matter

Our worship in April will focus on The Heart of the Matter.
Jesus offered the disciples a post-resurrection message of
empowerment to give to the world what he had given to them. This Easter Season we will encourage one another to truly live out the heart of the matter.

4-5-15 Easter Morning Worship, Love is My Religion
After the events of Holy Week, the disciples are devastated. They are in the midst of full-blown grief and disbelief. Into the heart of that grief came a stunning revelation–life had overcome death. Love had won out over violence. Is this possible in our lives? Today’s worship will say,“Yes, it can! Come and see! Live and Love! This is the heart of the matter!”

4/12/15 With Glad Hearts
Scripture: John 20:19
To live “as Easter people” is to live knowing that death is not the final word. What would we do differently if we really believed that we are loved beyond all endings? That there was nothing to fear? How might we move into that Room of Hope and hear the Risen Christ say to us, “peace be with you.” Special guests from the local organization Rooms of Hope, will be part of worship.

4/19/15 Open the Eyes of My Heart
Scripture: Luke 24: 48-49
The story of the last time the disciples saw Jesus is a story of blessing. Jesus says that as witnesses to his presence and resurrection, they too will be filled with power to carry on his
ministry, to be his hands and feet in the world. To see the world through the eyes of Jesus is to see through the eyes of love.

4/26/15 Kept in Our Hearts
Scripture John 14: 15-21
Confirmation Sunday!
The resurrected Jesus
tells his disciples that the Spirit will be with them when he is gone. Holiness resides within each one of us. It calls us to see that holiness in others. It calls us to do the right thing in
the name of Love, even when the right thing isn’t popular.

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