Worship Themes for March

Lenten Series:  Exploring the World’s most dangerous prayer as a Lenten discipline: The Lord’s Prayer. Series: The Most Dangerous Prayer using the book The Lord’s Prayer by Leonardo Boff.


March 1, 2020;  First Sunday in Lent; Communion;Title: The Most Dangerous Prayer: “Our Father/Mother/Creator”;Scripture: Galatians 4:6-7  Message Version; Theme: In Hebrew, names reflect the reputation, significance, and nature of the person being named.  Since we cannot fully know who God is, we are encouraged to approach the use of God’s name with the deepest respect, recognizing that any name for the Almighty does not fully reflect all of who God is.


March 8, 2020;  Second Sunday in Lent; Title:  The Most Dangerous Prayer:  “Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name” Scripture:  Psalm 138: 7-10  Message Version;Theme:  When Jesus’ uses the term “Our Father Who Art in Heaven” he is pointing to the significance of God in our midst. God comes near us with mercy, kindness and tenderness as we entrust ourselves to God’s care just as a small child confidently and serenely entrusts itself to its father or mother.


March 15, 2020;  Third Sunday in Lent; Title: The Most Dangerous Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done”; Scripture: Matthew 25:31-40   Message Version; Theme: Kingdom does not refer to a territory but to the divine power that is now in this world, transforming the old into new, the unjust into just; and sickness into health.


March 22, 2020;  Fourth Sunday in Lent;  Title: The Most Dangerous Prayer: Give us Today Our Daily Bread; Scripture: John 6: 35-38    Message Version; Theme: The meaning of bread goes beyond its physical and chemical composition. It is a symbol of all human food, the food we cannot do without. “Bread” is the bread of life.


March 29, 2020;  Fifth Sunday in Lent; Title: The Most Dangerous Prayer: Forgive Us as We Forgive Others; Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35; Theme: If we ask for unrestricted pardon and receive it without reservation, subject to no conditions, we also have to give unrestricted pardon to someone who asks us for unlimited forgiveness. We are to be merciful as God is merciful in all of our relationships.


April 5, 2020;  Palm and Passion Sunday; Title: The Most Dangerous Prayer: Temptation? Deliver Us; Scripture:  Mark 14:66-72; Theme: Testing is the price we pay to be faithful to God. It’s real function is not punishment but clarification.

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