Sunday School

We believe that creative, interactive Christian Education can be formative in the lives of young people, so we offer Sunday School classes for youth on Sunday mornings. We have three educational offerings for students in grades 6-12. We have a Middle School Sunday School class (for 6-7th graders), a Confirmation Class (for 8th graders) and a High School Sunday School class (for 9-12th graders).


Our Confirmation class is taught by Nancy Deis. This is an exciting class for our 8th graders to participate in as they explore their faith, and ultimately make a decision whether or not they want to join the United Methodist Church. We use creative and engaging curriculum and students have Confirmation Mentors and a full year of exciting activities. Confirmation meets in Room 10.

Middle School Sunday School

Our Middle School Sunday School class is co-taught by Kathleen & Ross Turk, Robyn Lakamsani and some other parents of our 6-7th graders. They work through the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum which walks them through the year having creative studies based off the lectionary. Middle School Sunday School meets in Room 13.

High School Sunday School

Our High School Sunday School class is co-taught by Tony Gnecco and Suzie McClung. We have an exciting new curriculum this year called Linked. Linked can be described as follows:

Christians were never meant to live out their faith alone. In this study, students learn practical applications for living in relationship with God and other people through such topics as worship, justice, grace, and the future.

We have a great group of high school students involved in this class, and we think you’ll find it to be a great community for your student to join this year. High School Sunday School meets in Room 15.