Tri-Valley Bus Pass Program

Changing Lives, One Bus Pass at a Time

This season we kick off the seventh annual Bus Pass drive to help provide much needed local Wheels bus rides for members of our community who have no other form of transportation, and cannot afford bus fares.

In the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need is greater than ever. So many members of our community have lost their jobs and are homeless or struggling to prevent homelessness. Our goal is to provide bus passes to everyone in our community who needs public transportation and cannot afford the cost.

Each bus pass is a "24-Hour Pass" which is a very efficient way for passengers to take an unlimited number of rides during a 24-hour period - all for $3.75. Your generous donations in the past have enabled us to distribute thousands of bus passes to our neighbors in need.

In 2022, the passes have been given to numerous local service organizations, such as: Open Heart Kitchen, Asbury United Methodist Church (they provide free showers and laundry), Interfaith Sharing Food Pantry, Tri-Valley Seek and Save, Axis Community Health, and Tri-Valley Haven. They in turn distribute the passes to their clients in greatest need. Since these organizations are not centrally located, one of the primary ways in which the bus passes are used is to get to these services for meals, groceries, health care, showers, laundry etc.
"The un-sheltered and low-income people in our community benefit a great deal from receiving these donated bus passes.  They use them to go to doctor appointments,  grocery stores, food pantry, and to come to Asbury United Methodist Church to get a hot shower and do their laundry. At times they use them to get out of the rain, wind, and cold weather."
- Terri Gamble,
Asbury United Methodist Church
"Our food pantry clients use bus passes for getting to work, shopping and other errands. They do not have to worry about having enough money to ride the bus. Sometimes one bus pass can solve what seems like an insurmountable problem of how to get to a doctor's appointment or job interview."
- Rosemary Young,
Interfaith Sharing Food Pantry

Ways to Give

Donations of any amount are welcome and very much appreciated!  Please note that 100% of all donations will be used to directly buy bus passes for this drive. There is NO overhead whatsoever.

Give Online

Click here to give securely online via debit or credit card.
**Note: by choosing to cover the small processing fee, you can make sure that your entire donation goes toward the Bus Pass Program.

Mail a Check

You can mail a check (made out to "Asbury United Methodist Church" with "Bus Pass Program" in the memo line) to our church office: 4743 East Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550.
**Please include your email address so we can acknowledge your donation, and also write "Bus Pass Program" on the envelope.

Bill Pay via Bank

Contact your bank and set up bill pay (or your bank's version of direct deposit) to have your donation direct deposited to the church, with "Bus Pass Program" in the notes. Donations should be directed to: finance[at]asburylive[dot]org
"I personally have seen people miss appointments, opportunities to interview for a job, ability to get to the shower and/or meal because they had no way to get there, especially difficult in the wet and cold weather. A bus pass is not a Band-Aid but rather a life preserver for our friends living on the street, struggling in their day to day lives. The cold, rainy season is here, making it even more difficult for them to get around. Please help us help them.”
- Donna McKenzie,
Livermore Homeless Refuge
"Our clients are so grateful for these bus passes! One of the things the passes have been most useful for is so our clients can get out to Asbury Church to take a shower and do their laundry…. unfortunately they are located on the edge of town, and it's not feasible for our clients to walk miles to the church carrying a heavy load of laundry. These bus passes are literally the MAIN thing that is enabling these 70+ unhoused folks in the Tri Valley to shower and do their laundry. Absolutely invaluable!"
- Christi Williams,
Open Heart Kitchen


If you have any questions, fill out the form below and the Bus Pass Program Coordinator will get back to you!