September Worship: Going on Safari!

This month in worship, we’ll explore how a compassionate God created us to live in community. We’ll marvel at how impalas, zebras, rhinos and guinea hens reveal God’s compassion.
Sept 7: What do impalas show us about following Jesus? That question, and the celebration of Communion will help us live into the message of John 10.

Sept 14: Wear back and white….cause we are talking about zebras, and how they take care of each other, illustrating the message in Romans 12.

Sept 20: Rhinoceros have figured out how to use their dung…..that’s all I’m going to say for now. (National Rhino day is 9/21….come to worship so you’ll be prepared.) Plus, in worship, you’ll hear a lovely piece of music sung by Jocelyn Hart, accompanied by Bob Cowgill.

September 27: Guinea Fowl have the amazing capacity to predict drought. Find out what they (don’t) do to protect the community during dry spells.

See you in Worship!

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