Asbury UMC Has a YouTube Channel

Acts 2:38, 41-47 - Pastor Kim RisedorphDid you know that Asbury has a YouTube channel? You can see it here:

We have been trying to record each of the sermons and post them on the YouTube channel, so you can watch them if you missed church or were traveling. Sometimes you may want to review a sermon to review the passage that was read and what the Pastors’ messages were around those passages. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking the red “Subscribe” button, and you’ll be notified each time we upload a new video.

We also post the videos in two places when they go live:

On the Asbury website, there’s a link at the bottom of the home page that will take you to the “Sermons” page, or from any other page, choose “Sermons” from the drop-down in the “Categories” on the right.

Do you find these videos useful? Please tell us below in the comments how and when you’ve watched them, and why you like watching the sermons.

FAQs About the Recordings

When did we start doing this?

I’ve been using my own camcorder since last year, and have experimented with different locations for the camera. The ambient noise recording was poor quality, with too much background noise (people coughing, moving around, etc.), so now we run an audio feed directly from the sound console to the camera. It only records the Pastors’ microphones, which is the same feed as the hearing assist loop.

Why don’t we have recordings of the whole service?

There are several reasons. First of all, we don’t record anything with the children in it for privacy reasons. Occasionally, we have a liturgist who is under 18, and I get the parents’ permission before posting the video publicly. The liturgist in that case, is only identified by first name. Other parts of the service aren’t miked and mixed for a good recording. For instance, if the band performs, the singers are miked, but we can’t pick up their instruments. So for now, we’re just recording the actual sermon.

What’s next on the plans?

We are looking into new equipment, including getting a permanently mounted camera in the back of the Sanctuary. This would be remote controlled from the sound booth, and recorded. We are also considering a live feed from the Sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall so people who are setting up coffee fellowship can watch the sermon from there.

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