Dublin New Church Update

On September 1 my 25% time appointment to start a new church in Dublin began! It has been quite the adventure trying to figure out how to start a new church in the middle of a pandemic when all interactions are socially distant and online, but the powerful take away from the first few months of this work has been how much God is at work even in these strange times. My goal for this first year at 25% time is simply to make connections in Dublin, listen, and get to know the community. As I’ve started making these connections, I’ve seen God’s spirit on the move, through Dublin high school students and recent graduates forming a grassroots group working for greater inclusion in Dublin. I’ve gotten involved in leading a book club twice a month with that group and the conversations we’ve had have been truly inspiring. I’ve spent time connecting with other parents in Dublin, building relationships with them and getting to know what their hopes are for their children and for this community where they are raising their kids. What I’ve noticed again and again in my interactions with people as I listen deeply is how God is at work in the people in Dublin, inspiring and creating new ways for community to grow. I am so excited, invigorated, and challenged by the opportunity to follow God in this work, and am grateful for your prayers and support in this new undertaking!

-Pastor Chelsea

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